We need to feed 9.6 billion by 2050

Chicken is a staple foodstuff right around the world globe, and it’s growing in popularity. Chicken meat is expected to account for almost half of the increase in global meat production over the next decade and become the world’s most popular meat by 2020. UN World Population Prospects: The 2017 Revision & Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 2014

The most efficient animal protein

The reason for this is because it is especially scalable and efficient to produce. It is this efficiency that allows it to remain affordable right across the planet, especially within the developing world. It is the most efficient form of animal protein to produce and for this reason, a crucial component in our efforts to feed the world.

Weight determines decisions

This efficiency relies on one key measurement - weight. The weight of a live chicken indicates the health of the animal, the growth rate and helps determine the growing conditions - feed, water and temperature. Weight is also used throughout the supply chain and is used to determine when birds are processed, transported, distributed and what is sold to customers.

So how do you accurately determine the weight of a live chicken?

Chickon is vision based technology

Chickon uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to massively increase the sample size and provide real time data. Chickon allows farmers and producers to make informed decisions throughout production and the entire supply chain based on more reliable and accurate data.

Improve animal health

Chickon provides a new way to manage animal health and conditions on the farm. Allowing farmers to see data in real time, they can see the effects of changes to feed, water and temperature and ensure optimal growing conditions. Farmers will also be able to monitor the health of their flock and will be able to identify issues and disease much quicker, allowing them to make more effective interventions.

Improve the supply chain

For producers the benefits of Chickon are massive. They can ensure they have the most efficient supply chain practices in place, ensuring that they are meeting supply and demand in the most effective ways. Chickon’s live data feed can ensure that correct weights are met every time. Producers will be able to see what is happening across multiple farms, and use this information to correctly match supply and demand in more effective ways and ensure that the best prices are being paid.

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